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The organs


of the Studentenwerk (Student Services Organisation) are:


  • the Administrative Council and
  • the Director


The Administrative Council advises and decides upon matters of fundamental importance to the Studentenwerk. The composition of the Administrative Council is as set out in the Universities Act of the Federal State of Brandenburg.


The Director manages the Studentenwerk and conducts its business on the basis of the charter passed by the Administrative Council.


members of the administrative council








Standort Cottbus
BTU Cottbus-SFB
Universitätsstraße 20
03046 Cottbus
Standort Eberswalde
HNE Eberswalde
Frankfurt (Oder)
Standort Frankfurt (Oder)
EUV Frankfurt(Oder)
Paul-Feldner-Straße 8
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)
Standort Senftenberg
BTU Cottbus-SFB