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The imprint contains the information required by law on the operators of this website and on legal issues relating to the website of the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder).


Legal notice regarding the organisation:


The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) is an institution under public law and is represented for legal purposes by a director. The Ministry for Science, Research and Culture of the Federal State of Brandenburg is the supervisory authority.



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The layout of the homepage, the graphics used and all other content are protected by copyright. The information and data may only be reproduced after approval has been granted in writing by the Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder). This applies in particular to texts, parts of texts and images. The content may only be reproduced for personal use within the framework of the functionalities provided. The user does not acquire any ownership rights to the content or programmes. The right to use any software offered for downloading is limited to personal use within the use of the website.



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The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) makes every effort to ensure that the information provided on this website is correct and up-to-date. In spite of this, errors and ambiguities cannot be ruled out entirely. The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) cannot therefore guarantee that the information provided will be up-to-date, correct or complete, not can it guarantee the quality of that information. The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) cannot accept any responsibility for any damage, whether material or non-material, that may occur either directly or indirectly owing to the use or lack of use of the information provided unless it can be proven that it has brought about that damage intentionally or by gross negligence. The same applies to software offered for downloading free of charge. The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) reserves the right to change, amend or delete parts of its website or the entire website and to interrupt its publication temporarily or terminate it permanently without prior notice.
The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) cannot accept any responsibility for content provided by third parties, for example via direct or indirect links to other websites. Content provided by third parties is marked appropriately. The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) has no influence over the content of other websites, nor does it endorse that content. The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) is not aware of any unlawful or indecent content on the websites to which links are provided. The Studentenwerk Frankfurt (Oder) distances itself explicitly from any content on those websites which may be unlawful or indecent.
If parts of the imprint or the wording of certain passages therein do not comply fully or no longer comply with the law as it stands, that lack of compliance does not affect the content and validity of the remaining parts of the document.

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Monique Zweig


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Standort Cottbus
BTU Cottbus-SFB
Universitätsstraße 20
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Standort Eberswalde
HNE Eberswalde
Frankfurt (Oder)
Standort Frankfurt (Oder)
EUV Frankfurt(Oder)
Paul-Feldner-Straße 8
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)
Standort Senftenberg
BTU Cottbus-SFB